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Social media is gaining more and more influence. The largest of them are worth millions and billions of dollars.

Social media is no longer just a place for many people to communicate - it is games, videos, marketplaces and marketing tools. Not so long ago, social networks have also become a political weapon. It was thanks to them that several revolutions broke out in the eastern countries.

The effect of social networks and their impact on the life of society today is the subject of a long and close study. This area is of great interest to companies promoting their products in this way. Unsurprisingly, there are many myths around social media and business engagement.

All people are tied to social networks. According to experts, about 80% of people receive new data about any products from social networks. In fact, social media is not relevant to everyone. Therefore, such impressive statistics are just a reason to communicate further with these experts. If the company's customers do not visit social networks, it is still possible to improve sales using the Internet. To do this, a site or page on the same Facebook can be promoted using SEO. How to do this can be easily found on the Internet. Although not difficult, it is time consuming.

Social media aggregators have already lost their meaning. There are fairly well-known programs that perform such functions. True, in Russia little has been heard about Digg, Reddit or Stumbleupon. However, in Europe or America, these sites generate huge traffic. They are spreading content at a viral rate. While they are not as often written about as Twitter or Facebook, their influence should not be underestimated. And according to StatCounter, the aggregator Stumbleupon generates the most Internet traffic in the United States. To fully experience the full power of aggregators, you need to interest other users. For this, it is not enough just to register, you also need to make other users visit your resource. Take part in polls, post a link to your page on other resources using attractive titles. If the page becomes popular and gets enough votes, then it can get to the top of the social network. For example, Digg's home page has 6 million users every day.

You will definitely need an expert to work with social networks. Consultants argue that there is no clear recipe for successful social media promotion. First of all, you need to go to the search site, drive in the keyword for the product and the name of the social network. Next, you need to study the results found, see where and why there are more users and what questions usually arise. It is necessary to understand what kind of useful content the society needs. It will be useful to leave links not only to your resources, but also to the sites of your colleagues who inspired you. Someday they will thank you in kind.

Twitter takes hours a day. Thousands of tweets, communication with hundreds and thousands of interesting people will really take several hours every day. Only now it does not always turn into profit. But you can fix it. You just need to be more careful about useful acquaintances. So, you can find business partners on Twitter. Simple online communication can help you get free tickets to some events. And it will take all the time from half an hour to an hour a day. First of all, you need to send invitations to the twitter chat, it is set by the hashtag "#". This is best done to all those people you know who are already on Facebook, your email contacts, and just interesting people. We need to make our communication as informative as possible, in the end it is worth inviting your guests to the online store that is being opened. After all, this is where you can best look at the product or service under discussion.

Public broadcasting is best done through social media. It can easily seem like social media is the simple and inexpensive way to reach people. It really is. But loud messages may not generate a lot of interest and traffic to the page. The main thing is to get people to participate in the discussion and keep them in this state. To lure customers to yourself, there are old proven methods - contests and gifts. To understand how this happens, you need to drive the name of your network and the word "competition" into a search engine. There are many examples. So, some store will easily sell out its stocks of equipment, after many users have passed links to their site to each other, competing for an interesting prize. It's not that hard to come up with a marketing campaign for your niche.

Social media is a good replacement for a corporate website. Indeed, social media is a pretty attractive and vibrant product. But the market will find a place for ordinary sites, including corporate ones. Today, e-mail plays an increasingly important role in business development. You can highlight many e-mails on social networks, but it is even easier to add a form to collect addresses in several places on your own website. In particular, if there are special paid programs that allow you to quickly build up your base.

Social media does deliver returns, but it cannot be measured. Often, social media experts can provide quality advice on how to properly communicate online. But few people have experience of how to turn conversations into money. To evaluate the result of working on social networks, you need to go through three stages. First of all, you should pay attention to where users go and where they come from. Then you need to evaluate their actions on the site. Either they buy something there, watch the slides or read it. We must evaluate these actions of theirs. This is not so difficult to do. You can track movements by linking from social networks to the Google Analytics Builder URL. The tools from there can be of great help in dealing with visitors.

Working with blogs is a waste of your time. It would seem, why waste your time filling a blog if the Internet is already full of information? In fact, a blog gives a person the right to vote, and even the ability to control the promotion of his product a little himself. This is especially important if a person has something to say, and he is ready to constantly voice his thoughts. It's pretty easy to start a blog. To do this, you need to download and install the WordPress platform on your server. Then you should designate a topic that can attract potential customers. It is necessary to write messages that will meet the needs of the audience. At the end of the message, you need to encourage people to leave comments on their text. You need to spread your message among clients, partners, as well as in other social networks. If possible, friends should also be asked to leave a link to you in their pages.

Business must be present on social media. Often, when people do not really know what to do, they start doing everything. In fact, it is worth concentrating your efforts. It is enough to go to any social network and drive in the keywords of the business there. The resulting search pages should be carefully examined. Are the owners of these pages similar to your intended audience? Will this type of people be able to purchase your products? If yes, then it makes sense to communicate with them further. If - "no", then you should not waste your time on them.

Social media can replace business negotiations. The more opportunities social networks offer, the more time people spend on them. Accordingly, fewer and fewer opportunities remain for live communication. Video chats are not suitable for this role. It turns out that close friends, suppliers, and customers are still eager to communicate face-to-face. So leave the office walls and meet with them. Social meetings can even help with this. After all, you can find out in advance about people, about what they want to discuss. It is advisable to choose such a topic of conversation so that it relates to the chosen industry. Having received the required information, you should set the place and time of the meeting so that there you can calmly discuss the issue over a mug of tea or a glass of beer. You should invite prospective clients from the e-mail list. Let them rate your product for free, and the benefits will come soon.

Marketing on social media is generally free. Thinking that social media is free is a big mistake. Communism exists only in theory. It is quite easy to create your own page on Facebook, this procedure will take less than 10 minutes. On Twitter, you can create your account even faster. These services do offer some free tools. But there are not many of them, and this is where the free "cheese" ends. Simply creating a page does not mean that all the possibilities of social networks will immediately lie at your feet. If a branded page is poorly designed, has a minimum of information and rare updates, then this will not be beneficial. After all, social networks imply an investment of funds and resources. Such a growing organism constantly requires more and more new nutrition. Thus, the activities of the Starbucks restaurant chain on social networks are by no means free. All popular brands create their own ecosystems that deliver messages, provide consumers with access to products. All this is done precisely for the most convenient and useful part of the social environment. But this, like any long-term strategy, costs money. We shouldn't forget about the services of artists and moderators. We'll also have to invest in tracking the activities of social networks. After all, they stick to communication, and brands will have to pay, willy-nilly, to listen to other people's voices. If social media is an important part of your marketing strategy, then you shouldn't rely on sheer luck. We need to get ready to invest money and time. And this is by no means free.

You can also entrust the management of your page to an intern. This can be done only if the trainee is a popular and well-known person himself, who will attract visitors by his name alone. Otherwise, the trainee is needed more for making coffee to the person who will actually manage the activities on social networks. Who will entrust the trainee to shoot the commercial for the product? So you shouldn't give him the opportunity to manage the brand on social networks. But the functions of the moderator, transferred to him for a start, are the very thing. An employee or the entire social media team needs to understand that the power of this tool lies in the potential of public relations. Those people who work with him, responding to client requests or negative reviews that resolve conflicts, will be the face of the company. If they do not understand the subject of their work, then the situation can become uncontrollable.

Social media is fun for kids and bored teens. That's right, who else could have thought of Facebook and Twitter if not crazy teenagers? But this myth is one of the most inaccurate in general about social media. Today it is already the norm when parents on Facebook offer to be friends with their children. And the answer to the question, who uses social networks at all, is simple - that's it! And it doesn't have to be your usual Twitter and YouTube. Today, almost every online platform is equipped with these capabilities. As a result, social platforms are enjoyed by users of all age groups. And the older generation demonstrates the fastest growth among them. There is no such age group that by means of social platforms would not give an opportunity to establish contact with her. So it's time to stop talking about age. Marketers talk too much about identifying certain age groups and working with them. This distinction is supposedly the key to success. It may have made sense in the heyday of television advertising, but it doesn't work today. It's time for companies to realize that age is no longer so important in online communication. On Facebook, a young girl can act like an older man. But the message of the brand can be perceived by both. With the help of social profiling, you can understand more about the behavior of target groups.

The old popularity measurement system is good for social media. Really traditional tools can be used, but does it make sense? Social networks can easily demonstrate such traditional indicators as the time spent by the user on the site, the number of clicks on an advertising banner. This is already not bad, but there is an opportunity to find out other interesting indicators that will show the real involvement of a person, his feelings, and communicate with him. We live in an unusual time today. The possibilities that online showcases over measurements have always been a huge advantage. And social media has gone even further. Clicks on a banner no longer provide as much information about a brand as we would like. It is much more useful to understand the topics of discussion, ratings and descriptions of feelings. Now you can track a positive reaction to the brand, find adherents with the help of whom you can declare yourself around the world. Such valuable information is almost invaluable. The key is to make sure your strategy really includes tracking brand information on social media. If a brand really starts to promote there, then it is important to acquire the most advanced tools for tracking communication, being able to connect to the conversation in time.

Any brand needs to be featured on social media. Such a statement is simply ridiculous. Indeed, there are a myriad of possibilities on social media. But they are not suitable for all. Why a YouTube shipping company account? But this does not mean that sociality as such is useless. After all, a Facebook page might not hurt. The emergence of a tool for accessing social networks on its own territory can be a good helper. You must first analyze your global goals and understand how the social platform is located within the strategy. And these steps will be only the first on a long journey of being on social networks.

Social media can go viral. Oftentimes, clients claim they don't need targeted advertising. They just need a group where people will come and bring their friends. But why suddenly users will come there at all? How do they know about the existence of this group? And if they do come there, why would they become clients? Even if there are many thousands of people in the group, real people, this does not mean at all that they are all potential clients. Moreover, most of the participants will never enter this group again, as practice shows.

Business buyers are ordinary people who can be found on social media. Sellers are often not afraid of the narrow specialization of their goods. They believe that buyers are professionals who are still on Facebook or VKontakte. That's where you can find them. Let there be few such clients, but they will be entirely targeted.You can actually meet professional buyers on social media, just like other ordinary people. But why did you decide that they would be interested in joining your group? It is much easier for such people to find a product they are interested in through search engines when they are directly looking for the desired product. Of course, nobody forbids keeping a page on Facebook as a blog, but you shouldn't hope that it will immediately bring clients.

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