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A modern person works a lot on his image, but he has not really learned to fight against dandruff. And it is difficult to solve this problem on your own, using only special shampoos.

There are many dandruff myths worth considering. In fact, dandruff is not quite what we imagine it to be.

Frequent hair washing increases dandruff. There is no relationship between the frequency of hair washing and dandruff formation. It is based on such a fungal disease as seborrheic dermatitis. No matter how much my head is, it will not affect him, like the use of special shampoos. Dandruff is caused by hormonal imbalances in the body. And the head should be washed as the hair becomes dirty. After all, dust and sebum are very harmful to hair. Professionals have already come up with shampoos for daily use.

Dandruff comes from dirty pillows. In fact, this myth has a foundation. A fungus that can cause dandruff can actually end up in a dirty pillow. With the active release of sebum, the fungus will receive a nutrient medium for its active reproduction. But in any case, this happens only due to disturbances in the metabolic process. If the scalp is healthy, then dandruff will not appear and pillows have nothing to do with it. Every day, people are faced with thousands of different fungi, but only those people who have weakened immunity get sick.

In the fight against dandruff, a special shampoo will help. There are good shampoos with zinc, sulfur, or tar, and special anti-dandruff products that contain ketoconazole. They can only remove the external manifestations of the disease, but they cannot defeat it. After you stop using these shampoos, dandruff will return soon, and most likely even more. And with dry skin, this special shampoo can be so aggressive that it disrupts the scalp's natural pH. Shampoo may not work if allergies or psoriasis are the cause of dandruff. That is why it is worthwhile to carry out complex treatment by seeking help from a doctor.

The specialist will first establish the cause of the disease, select not cosmetic, but therapeutic agents for its eradication, and determine the scheme of their use. A dermatologist will advise on lotions, creams, and vitamins that will restore the balance between androgens and estrogen. It is likely that you will have to revise your diet, examine the digestive system. It is also known that dandruff can cause stress - you need to get more rest, and sometimes even take sedatives.

Getting rid of dandruff is impossible. Indeed, it is difficult to fight dandruff. Only a correctly diagnosed and correctly selected remedies can achieve the final result. Sometimes a positive result is achieved in 1-2 months. It is important to remember that the cause can be not just fungi, but also certain types of infections. Allergies or psoriasis. So this is not just a psychological problem. Dandruff can become chronic if delayed with elimination. When neglected, it weakens the hair roots, which leads to hair loss. So you should visit a trichologist and dermatologist in a timely manner to determine the type of dandruff and the reasons for its occurrence, as well as a treatment plan.

Dandruff causes people to go bald. Light dandruff does not lead to serious consequences, baldness is not to be feared. But oily seborrhea, being neglected, is a risk factor for hair loss. The follicles themselves are fragile, and when the epithelium is erased at great speed, it will take hair with it. Seborrhea in general creates a very aggressive environment for the scalp and hair. As a result, itching, redness and inflammation appear, which will turn out to be nothing good for the hair.

Only oily hair has dandruff. Seborrhea can be dry or oily. It's just that the first option is much less common. Oily seborrhea turns into a more intense release of fats, in which fungi multiply. With dry seborrhea, there is not so much fat, but the separation of the epithelium is still noted. Trichologists generally noted that in youth, dandruff appears in people from oily seborrhea, and at age - from dry.

You can get rid of dandruff with just one procedure or session. Today, there is not a single medical technology, let alone cosmetology, that would instantly overcome seborrhea. The best and most effective shampoos last for several months. But following the treatment program correctly can, albeit not immediately, defeat dandruff.

Dandruff can be caused by using someone else's comb. This is not true, because not a single comb does not affect hormonal processes in the human body in any way. But it is they who are the cause of dandruff. However, it is best to refrain from using someone else's hairbrushes.

Dandruff can be combed out. Getting rid of dandruff by brushing out is as effective as removing snow in winter helps against winter. In fact, such a procedure can even harm. After combing your hair, especially with the help of sharp teeth, you can even more harm the already sore scalp. So if you have dandruff, it is better to use a comb with soft teeth, and it is better to comb your hair less touching the scalp.

Dandruff appears with hormonal changes. Dandruff itself signals a trouble that happens to the body - the sebaceous glands of the scalp begin to work poorly. The reasons can be hidden deep inside the body. These can be diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, thyroid gland, endocrine system disorders. Dandruff is often caused by stress, increased emotionality, and even poor nutrition. So hormonal changes in the body are not always to blame.

You can get rid of dandruff with proper nutrition. Diet plays an important role in the fight against dandruff. For the sake of recovery, you will have to give up fatty, spicy, fried and spicy foods. After all, they only increase the production of sebum. Products such as sweets, flour and alcohol are also considered provocateurs. Foods that are rich in coarse fiber and vitamins A and B will help fight dandruff: meat, fish, milk, corn, cauliflower, nuts, cheese, eggs and nuts. The diet should include plenty of vegetables and unsweetened fruits. They contain vitamins useful for the skin and such valuable trace elements as zinc, copper and calcium. If dry dandruff is predominant, then sometimes it helps to restore the correct water balance. You just need to drink clean water at room temperature more often. It can be liquid from a spring, melt or mineral.

You can get rid of dandruff with a haircut. A fresh haircut always looks neat, because the hair does not hang under its own weight, but is gathered in a light hairstyle. But visuals aside. In fact, the haircut has nothing to do with the condition of the hair. The health of each hair directly depends on the condition of the whole organism. It's just that after a haircut it will be easier to style, therefore, they will need to be touched and corrected less. So indirectly, cutting can reduce sebum production and spreading it through the hair. As a result, a haircut makes your hair look healthier. In a good hairdresser, a professional will help you assess the health of your hair and offer the necessary care. At home, it is difficult to give your hair full nutrition. So when dandruff appears, you should contact a specialist.

In the fight against dandruff, folk remedies are useless. Today, you can be surprised to see how highly professional dermatologists advise patients the recipes that our ancestors used. A honey hair mask, castor oil, agave and lemon juices, mixed in equal proportions, can normalize the production of sebum. You can get rid of the fungus on the scalp with decoctions of coltsfoot leaves and nettle. After removing the source, dandruff will go away. Masks made from kefir, milk whey, and colorless henna will be effective. Vegetable oils generally go well with essential oils. Our grandmothers successfully used decoctions and infusions of chamomile, hops and tansy. But if these funds do not help, then it remains to contact a trichologist.

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