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Bodybuilding (English body building) or bodybuilding (French culturisme, English physical culture - body culture) is the process of developing and building different muscle groups using different physical exercises, as well as special nutrition based on proteins. A person who lifts weights for the purpose of increasing muscle volume or quality is called a bodybuilder (or bodybuilder).

Competitive bodybuilding is a sport where judges determine the best based on the volume of muscles, the quality of their development and the overall aesthetic appearance of the bodybuilder.

This sport is not perceived by many as a sport at all. Despite its popularity, bodybuilding is under constant attack. In the media, he is not given as much attention as, for example, football, there is little literate and accessible literature.

Hence a whole lump of inventions, half-rumors and just gossip, which, moreover, are fueled by dubious press. Let's try to dispel the most common myths about bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding myths

Muscles are not needed at all. Most people in the street feel negative emotions at the sight of a "pumped" athlete. People do not understand why muscle groups are needed, because it would seem much more profitable to develop endurance, flexibility, and reaction. Muscles seem to have no useful function in everyday life. However, does any sport carry day-to-day functionality? For example, weightlifting or shot put will not bring health benefits, but rather even it is an extra load on the spine. What's the practical point of running different distances? Catch the outgoing tram? However, no one has a question about the appropriateness of the existence of weightlifting or athletics. Professional sport is both a demonstration of the capabilities of a person and his body, and a way of realization.
The uniqueness of bodybuilding is that, even without striving for heights and medals, but simply by training, you can help your health. Strong back muscles will help maintain a slim posture until old age, while trained abdominal muscles have a beneficial effect on digestion. By regularly lifting weights, a bodybuilder strengthens his cardiovascular system. It is a well-known fact that these athletes practically do not suffer from osteochondrosis.
They say that heavy lifting interferes with the growth of the body and negatively affects vision? Don't believe it! One of the brightest Russian athletes, Alexander Fedorov, has a height of 184 cm, and the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, starting to train at the age of 14, being below 180 cm, grew to 187 cm.Starting in bodybuilding in adolescence, the athletes did not stop at all in their growth. If classes had an effect on vision, the gyms would resemble a society of the blind, where all people would be wearing glasses. But there is no such thing at all, the number of people with glasses is quite ordinary. In addition, bodybuilding gives people psychological confidence, as a healthy appearance and appearance are always held in high esteem.

Much power limits the amount of intelligence. It is widely believed that bodybuilders have nothing more to brag about than a mountain of muscles, and that their intelligence level is sharply approaching zero, and that life consists only of training, sleeping and eating. Of course, in bodybuilding there are those about whom many will say that they look like "animals" or Neanderthals, but to judge everyone equally is extremely erroneous and reckless. Among the athletes of this niche, literate, well-read and intelligent people are quite often found. There are many examples on this topic. The first one whose name comes to mind is, of course, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He managed not only to conquer everyone with his impeccable physique, having won the title of "Mr. Olympia" seven times, but also to receive an excellent economic education, become a collector and learn to understand works of art, conquer the heights of Hollywood and at the same time serve as the presidential adviser on issues physical education and sports, and more recently take the post of Governor of California. Russian bodybuilders are also in no way inferior to Western celebrities. For example, Stas Bobin, Yuri Melnikov, Yuri Panov and many other savvy, versatile personalities, whose interests are by no means limited to sports. True athletes can perfectly understand such difficult, intricate sciences as anatomy, physiology, chemistry, pharmacology and nutrition. Every athlete who wants to achieve high results and win a champion title should not be "fixated" only on sports.

Bodybuilders tend to be aggressive. It should be noted that many athletes, with their size and shape, make a rather strong impression, causing even a feeling of fear in some people. And editions, printing pictures, try to add to the image even greater invincibility and menacingness, for which more than once they dealt personally with Schwarzenegger himself. In reality, bodybuilders are calm, balanced people, kind and even somewhat phlegmatic. In the gym, their disapproving, frowning look, as a rule, can express some distrust of a person, because many quit classes at the very beginning of the path, not trying to fight and go forward. However, having proved the seriousness of your intentions, you can get a reliable partner and a competent advisor in the person of a bodybuilder, or maybe get a friend.

Bodybuilders tend to be narcissistic. Many people do not like it when healthy and strong men spend a long time in front of the mirror. Although, what's wrong with the fact that athletes admire the beauty of their bodies, especially those obtained by hard work? In fact, you need to understand that the mirror is a real objective measure of the athlete's achievements, just like the scales and the measuring tape. Who, if not a mirror, will tell about the increase in muscle volume and the general condition of the body?

Most bodybuilders are gay. Of course this is not true. One of the most important reasons guys show up in gyms is to build muscle to attract more girls to the beaches or clubs. Of course, there are exceptions, but I think they are quite consistent with the statistics. True, real "gays" are really drawn to pumped-up athletes, but this is understandable, to someone, and these people are especially striving for male beauty. And among the most famous athletes, gay people were not noticed.

Muscle growth is impossible without the use of "chemistry". In the eyes of the public, all bodybuilders consume steroids and other supplements, but let's not forget that any high sport is impossible without the use of one or another doping. It seems to many that 50 cm biceps is the fruit of only steroids, but the fantastic speed of runners or swimmers is an exceptionally generous gift of nature. This is not true. A similar myth is based on the striking external difference between bodybuilders and ordinary people. But we should not forget that if you do this sport not for records and podiums, but only to bring your body into a normal fit look, then no additives are needed. There are many techniques, including those explaining the alternation of loads and the diet, that will help you achieve your goal.

Bodybuilding adherents suffer from impotence en masse. This statement is invisibly linked to the previous myth. Many people simply associate steroids and impotence. However, it should be noted that long-term steroid abuse does lead to a decrease in testosterone production. But this phenomenon is almost 100% reversible, you just have to refuse to take energy supplements. Most athletes do not use steroids at all and their sexual capabilities sometimes even exceed those of an ordinary man. This is due to the fact that bodybuilders have better developed blood circulation, which is naturally beneficial for potency.
Plus, consistent workouts in gyms and on the simulators further stimulate testosterone production in the body. However, cases are not excluded when a man, after thorough training and deep study of individual muscle groups, is no longer ready for sexual exploits, so the body needs rest and strength to recover. It is a natural result of any hard work.

Bodybuilders are constantly dieting. One of the important points that a bodybuilder must follow is a healthy and nutritious diet. But it should not be assumed that professionals or people seriously involved in bodybuilding should be limited to exclusively plant-based and low-calorie foods. In this matter, caution should be exercised by those who are naturally endowed with extra pounds or who have metabolic disorders. But even in their situation, a couple of days a week, you can pamper yourself with all kinds of goodies. And for people whose body works like a clock and does not have digestive problems, we can say that, gaining weight, such bodybuilders can safely consume whatever they want!

Quitting classes, instead of muscle, the athlete will soon gain solid fat. There are a huge number of examples that exactly confirm the information that after the termination of classes in the hall, a person becomes what he should be by nature. Fat people return to their kilograms, thin people, on the contrary, lose their already superfluous weight. There are a number of circumstances that should not be forgotten. The first and inevitable is age. Unfortunately, over the years, metabolic processes in the body slow down dramatically, which leads to a deterioration in physical fitness. Even practicing in gyms from a young age, at the age of 50 you will hardly look 30. However, this point should be remembered by people who are not seriously keen on sports. With age, their muscles lose their elasticity and firmness, in other words, they degrade, and it is their presence that helps to speed up metabolic processes. It turns out a simple scheme of muscles less, we eat the same, and as a result we have not the best figure, if not "spoiled". The second is that playing sports for a long time develops some habits in a person, which, in the end, are not so easy to get rid of. One of them is connected with the fact that it is not easy for a man to refuse super-dense food. The workloads became much less or stopped altogether, and the amount of food consumed did not decrease at all. The result is a figure bloated to immense proportions. But there is a way out: either do not stop training, or eat less, or choose a different, but no less effective sport.

Women bodybuilders are more like men. Men and women look at the question related to weight gain differently: men are making every effort to add extra pounds, but women, on the contrary, are afraid of becoming too large. An interesting fact is that the female body, by its nature, is much less prone to the formation of new muscle mass than the male, due to the fact that the production of testosterone, the male hormone, in women is negligible, and it is this hormone that is responsible for the growth of muscles. Therefore, in this respect, men are simply out of reach for women and girls. But to become slimmer, fit and adjust your figure is absolutely real, and there is nothing supernatural in this.
Many are intimidated by photographs of bodybuilding champions, as they make women look too large and embossed. You just need to know that just before the competition, the participants of the competition remove excess water from under the skin and practically reduce the fat layer to zero, according to the requirements of the competition. In ordinary life, such women can give odds to many in matters of femininity, attractiveness and sexuality.

Now, having a sufficiently large amount of information on bodybuilding, you can draw your own conclusions, understand that a beautiful body is an important step on the way to personal harmony and perfection. Perhaps you will not have a desire to immediately go and start training, but the understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle will strengthen in your mind and heart.

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