Biologically active additives

Biologically active additives

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Biologically active additives (BAA) are compositions of natural or identical to natural biologically active substances intended for direct intake with food or for introduction into food products, in order to enrich the diet with individual food or biologically active substances and their complexes.

Along with new, revolutionary medicines, methods of eradicating diseases, dietary supplements or dietary supplements have entered our daily life. I must say that there was immediately an ambiguous opinion about them, there are a lot of rumors, gossip and misinterpretation around dietary supplements.

As a result, some people perceive dietary supplements and take them intensively, and some feel complete rejection. Like any myth, most of the opinions about supplements have nothing to do with their actual effect on the human body. What are dietary supplements really - evil or salvation? Let's consider the main myths about them.

Supplement Myths

A dietary supplement is a medicine. Many people wonder what dietary supplements are - a medicine or a regular food supplement, albeit an active one? From the point of view of legislation in Russia, as in most other countries, dietary supplements are classified as food products. Supplements are not used to treat diseases and diagnose them, unlike drugs, the main purpose of dietary supplements is to maintain the necessary balance of substances in the body. For the most part, people refer to these remedies as "light" drugs, as alternative medicine. But this perception of dietary supplements is completely wrong, because they do not cure, but only help the body to resist diseases and adverse factors. By themselves, supplements do not have a therapeutic effect, this is their fundamental difference. If the dietary supplement has passed state registration, then the regulatory authorities clearly define the scope of its application. It is usually defined as a source of substances that have a beneficial effect on the human body.

Dietary supplements are suitable for everyone, there are no contraindications to their use. Dietary supplements are an integral part of the diet, which is compiled taking into account the characteristics of the body, human well-being. There are a number of food products that can have an adverse effect on the body, this can be observed during pregnancy, allergies, chronic diseases ... Therefore, as in planning meals, taking dietary supplements should also be considered carefully. If the product is of high quality and the manufacturer takes responsibility for its use, then the label should contain warnings about contraindications for use. In Russia, during the state registration of a drug, contraindications and the safety of using such additives are checked. Usually, doctors recommend that before taking dietary supplements, nevertheless, seek advice from specialists for pregnant women, nursing mothers and children.

If you take dietary supplements, then no disease will take. In fact, the effect of dietary supplements on the body's immune system is as effective as a proper balanced diet with fresh high-quality products. Both options help the body resist harmful influences. Whole classes of biologically active components have been studied quite well by nutrition science, no one denies their role in health. Only now, not everyone has the opportunity to include all the necessary components in the diet, experiencing an additional need for their intake. With the help of a daily 1-2 single intake of supplements, a person can compensate for the deficiency of minerals, trace elements, polyunsaturated acids and other substances that provide protection for the body. However, it is impossible to evaluate dietary supplements as an analogue of fortifying vitamin preparations, since in those the concentration of vitamins exceeds the body's needs by tens of times. The effect of treating vitamins, as well as contraindications, requires clinical confirmation, but for dietary supplements, the concentration of the components is within reasonable limits.

Supplements can be prescribed for use only by doctors. The choice of active additives lies in the competence of the person himself, in contrast to drugs, which require a prescription and prescription. When choosing a product, you can be guided by the advice of specialists, including doctors, and choose trusted, conscientious manufacturers. When buying, it is recommended to pay attention to the nature and purpose of unknown components, a decent seller or manufacturer will always explain and give the necessary information.

Dietary supplements are generally useless. As a dietary supplement, dietary supplements help balance the diet and enrich it with the necessary trace elements, minerals and vitamins. If the body is weakened, then such supplements will provide invaluable assistance in recovery from mental and physical stress. You should not expect an instant effect from dietary supplements, in order to feel the effect, their long and regular intake is necessary. Only after completing a multi-day course, it is possible to assess how much the body has strengthened, then it is possible to assess whether the dietary supplement was "to the taste" of the body.

Taking dietary supplements, you can not eat anything else at all. By definition, dietary supplements are not food substitutes, but just additives to it. Nothing can replace the unique set of nutrients that nature has brought into food. Modern technologies strive to bring the composition of dietary supplements as close as possible to the components of natural products, but their replacement is not the purpose of the production of supplements. It is very important for manufacturers at present to develop unique combinations of dietary supplements with a pronounced beneficial effect, which enhance the diet and cover the deficit caused by various negative factors.

Supplements contribute to weight loss, or vice versa - with the help of them you can gain weight. Supplements are often recommended as a means for normalizing weight, but of the whole variety of supplements, some of them intended for persons with deviations in weight should be placed in a separate category. Today, society has an ambiguous interpretation of the appointment of such products. Everywhere you can hear about miraculous pills that help you lose tens of kilograms of weight overnight. But while patients are being led on such magical means, there will be charlatans. Naturally, there are no drugs that allow you to lose weight overnight or gain it without side reactions or disorders in the body due to a sharp disruption of the natural metabolism. Therefore, the "miracle" will quickly turn into negative consequences for the body, which can outweigh the weight of the dropped kilograms. Real weight correction is a complex program, which should include diet, dietary supplements and a complex of physical education. The choice of methodology is also individual, depending on the characteristics of the organism, health, and ultimately psychological nuances. Any diet is a kind of stress for the body; in any such program, dietary supplements are designed to increase the amount of essential nutrients. Another group of dietary supplements helps to improve the metabolism in the body, and the third group normalizes the intestines. In any case, dietary supplements are considered only as part of the overall weight correction program, and not as an independent tool.

Additive supplements are harmful for the body. Many people are afraid of getting used to food additives, but it's not all that bad. The ingredients used are approved by government agencies with the participation of industry institutions based on international experience. The allowed list includes only those products that are not dangerous to humans, including those that do not cause addiction. Therefore, a dietary supplement that meets all the standards and has the relevant documents cannot be addictive to any of its components. A high-quality dietary supplement can be used by the whole family, bringing only benefits.

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