Female Yakut names

Female Yakut names

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Aldana - river Aldan
Aiyy Kuo - beautiful light deity
Altaana - copper
Altana - copper
Ayaana - the way, the way
Ayana - the way, the way
Aytalyyn - a bright deity
Aita - a bright deity
Aytalina - a bright deity
Aiyyna - a bright deity
Ayina - a bright deity
Aiyy - a bright deity

Kytalyyn - Siberian Crane
Kytalyna - Siberian Crane
Kүnnay - solar
Künniai - solar
Keskileene - the future
Keskilena - the future
Kerecheene - beautiful
Kerechene - beautiful

Michiye - smiling
Michie - smiling

Naryyaana - tender
Naryyana - tender
Nyurguyaana - lumbago
Nyurguyana - lumbago
Nyurgustaana - lumbago
Nyurgustana - lumbago

Sayaara - summer, summer
Sayara - summer, summer
Sainara - Thinking
Sainara - Thinking
Saisaar - from Saisar
Saisar - from Saisar
Saiyna - summer, summer
Saina - summer, summer
Sandaara - shining
Sandara - shining
Sargylaana - ray
Sargylana - ray
Sardaana - flower of sardaana
Sardana - flower of sardaana
Sakhaya - Yakut
Sakhaya - Yakut
Sakhayaana - Yakut
Sakhayana - Yakut

Tuyaara - light, airy
Tuyaaryma - light, airy
Tuyara - light, airy
Tuyaryma - light, airy
Tuskulaana - the future
Tuskulana - the future

Uyguun - wealth
Uiguna - wealth
Uygulaana - wealth
Uygulana - wealth

Haarchaana - snowy, snow maiden
Kharchana - snowy, snow maiden

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