The strangest festivals

The strangest festivals

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People love to celebrate different events in their lives. Below we will tell you about 10 of the most unusual festivals held in various places on the planet.

Naki Sumo. This festival is dedicated to crying babies and is held in Japan. Any mother becomes noticeably nervous from the cry of her baby, but for this festival, crying is a big advantage. The amazing action has been held for more than 400 years; nowadays, Sensoji Castle is its home. The aim of the festival is to calm down the most capricious children by supporting their health. For this, the babies are lifted into the air by two adult sumo wrestlers. The wrestlers grimace in every possible way, trying to scare the children so that they roar with all their might. The judge attentively listens to the efforts of all parties, determining the winner. Participation in this competition is purely voluntary - parents themselves send their children to participate in it. Indeed, according to beliefs, this helps to ward off evil spirits from the baby and protect them further in life. Almost a hundred children under the age of one year participate in the Naki Sumo festival every year.

Kanamara Matsuri. And this festival is held in Japan. In translation, its name sounds like "Festival of the Steel Phallus". This unusual festival is held in the city of Kawasaki. Is it any wonder that the phallus is the symbol of the festival. It can be found not only in the form of pictures and statues, but also candy, decorations and even costumes. The festival arose out of the worship of this male organ by representatives of the most ancient profession. They once believed that such worship, coupled with abundant prayers, could ward off sexually transmitted diseases. Yes, and local beliefs say that worshiping the phallus brings good luck in business, health, of course, the expulsion of evil spirits and a successful marriage. Today, this festival is not only a favorite destination for tourists, but also a way to raise funds to find a cure for AIDS.

Rapa das Bestas. The ancient festival originated in Galicia, today it continues to exist in Spain. Since the Bronze Age, local peoples have celebrated the taming of demons. For this, during the performance, it was necessary to throw an unbroken horse to the ground with his bare hands, and then cut off a tuft of hair from its mane and tail. In addition to arms and legs, only your own courage is allowed. The defeated daredevils are released, and the festival continues to be celebrated - the evil spirits are defeated!

Carnival of Ivrea. In Italian Ivrea, a carnival is held, the main event of which is an unusual battle. In it, oranges play the role of shells, and the action is called "Orange Battle". The roots of the festival go back to the 12th century. Then, according to legends, the townspeople defended their independence from local rulers in a similar way. True or not, there was a reason for the tomfoolery. For three whole days, 9 teams of 3 thousand fighters turn the previously clean streets and squares of the town into places of orange battles. People express their aggression in such a relatively safe way. Few of us would mind throwing a couple of citrus fruits at our colleagues.

Egg Festival. The purpose of this celebration is not to eat eggs, nor to compete for their marksmanship. And in general, chicken eggs have nothing to do with it. Every year in the American state of Montana, an unusual festival takes place, especially for which 15 thousand bovine testicles are prepared. This unusual product is prepared in various ways - it is fried, marinated and even frozen to maximize the variety of dishes. To compete in cooking skills, the chefs must be 21 years old; in addition to the main dish, other, no less exotic, are served at the festival.

Throwing moose droppings. The official animal of Alaska is so prized that for the sake of it in one of the small towns of the state they even hold their own festival, albeit a strange one. During the celebration, a large amount of moose droppings are launched in a hot air balloon. From a height, this whole heap is thrown down. The rules are not quite clear, but the winner needs to get the droppings to a certain place, for which he receives a prize of $ 1000. The event is accompanied by live music and sports competitions. And where is without a fair? Jewelry made from elk droppings is in special demand there. Sellers assure that the product is environmentally friendly.

Boriong. Asians love to have weird holidays. So, every summer in the South Korean Boriong an unusual festival has been held recently. The first time it took place here in 1998, however, it became so popular that in 2006 one and a half million guests came here. Mud is being dug out near the city especially for the festival. Then she is brought to special places, "Mud Experience Land", where any participant of the festival can heartily drive his friend or, if possible, enemy in the mud.

Moors against Christians. In Spain there is a mountain town Alcoy. Few would have heard of him if not for the local festival. It takes place over three days - April 22, 23 and 24. All this time, the famous battle between the Moors attacking the city and Christians defending it from invasion has been recreated here. All participants have the appropriate equipment for that time, they quite naturally fight with their melee weapons, previously blunted to avoid injuries in the heat of the merrymaking. The event is so large-scale that it captures the entire urban population, residents of the surrounding area. As a result, the entire Alcoy turns into an arena of battle and performances. On the very last day of the festival, April 24, the very main part of the battle takes place, when the Christians nevertheless knocked out the Moors from the city they had almost captured.

Argungu. In the northwest of the Nigerian province of Kebbi, there is the fishing village of Urgungu. It would not stand out in any way, but every year the International Fishing Festival is held here. It is not enough for fishermen to catch the biggest fish on it - they have to do it with their bare hands. The action is watched by local beauties, while choosing the most skillful groom for themselves. The festival lasts 4 days, it usually takes place in February or March, starting on Wednesday and ending on Saturday. This event is so colorful and important for local residents that guests begin to gather a month before the festival to fully taste the joy of the holiday. The winner, in addition to the attention of the girls, receives prizes very rich in local terms - a car, trips abroad. This leads to the fact that the participants seek to win even in dishonest ways. For example, the winner of 2008 was later stripped of his title and put behind bars after his rivals managed to prove that the fish caught had previously swum in another river. In addition, at the time of fishing, she was already dead.

Chung Chao Ban. This difficult-to-remember festival is one of the most famous and unusual in Hong Kong. Festivities take place on the small island of Cheng Chau. Thousands of tourists flock there every year to cheer for one of the hundreds of competitors. The men are invited to climb the 20-meter tower, which is hung with plastic buns and, within a certain time, collect the maximum number of them in a special bag behind their backs. The winner is the one who collects the most hanging items. Old-timers say that such a festival has existed for a long time. The purpose of the festival is to scare away evil spirits, bring good luck, and so on. But nowadays the festival is more likely not a mystical purpose, but an aesthetic-tourist one.

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