Female Welsh names

Female Welsh names

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Aderyn is a bird
Aeron - Massacre, Kill
Aerona - massacre, kill
Aeronven - massacre and white
Aeronvi - river
Anwen is very fair
Unwin is very fair
Angared - more love
Angaret - more love
Arvidd - sign
Arienrhod - Silver Wheel
Arenrkhod - a huge, round, humped wheel
Athos - river
Afenen - raspberry

Betris the traveler
Bethen - God is my oath
Blodwen - white flower
Blodeuwedd - floral, feminine (spirit)
Blodeuedd - floral, feminine (spirit)
Blodewin - flower
Brialene - primrose
Breein - hill
Bryn - hill
Brynn Hill
Bron - Fought
Bronwen - Fought
Bronwyn - Fought
Brait - multicolored
Branwen - Righteous Crow
Branwenn is a fair crow
Brangwen - Righteous Crow
Brangwi is a fair crow

Winnie - happy, fair, white

Gvar - dawn
Gwen is an abbreviation for longer names containing the element "Gwen"
Gwenda - Fair and Good
Gwendoline - white ring
Gwendolen - white ring
Gwendoline - white ring
Gweneth - good luck, happiness
Gwenite - wheat
Gwenllian - Fair, Holy, White, Flowing
Gwennett - luck, happiness
Gwenfrewi - Saint, Coordinated
Gwenhwyver - white and smooth
Guineira - white as snow
Gwyneth - luck, happiness
Gwladus - ruler
Generys the White Lady
Glenda - pure good
Glenis - holy, pure
Glynis - holy, pure
Glodus - ruler
Glow - rain
Gladys is the ruler
Glanis - saint, pure
Guendolen - white ring
Gwynette - happiness

Dvin - fair, holy, white
Dwynwen - fair, holy, white
Dvinvin - fair, holy, white
Delvin is fair
Divides - pretty
Derin is a bird
Diilis - genuine, stable, true
Dilven is truly blessed
Dilis - genuine, stable, true

Igraine is the name of King Arthur's mother
Isbail - God is my oath

Kadi - pure
Creiddilad - thirst for the heart
Christine is a follower of Christ
Caris - love
Caron - to love
Katherine is pure

Lleulu - light
Llinos - green tea
Lori - laurel
Luned is the idol depicted
Lunet is an idol depicted

Mullt - powerful in battle
Marjed - pearl
Mared - pearl
Marie - beloved
Megan - pearl
Meinven - subtle and fair
Meinir - tall and thin
Meiriona - like Marius
Mererid - Sea Lady
Myth is my woman
Myfenwi is my woman
Modlen - from Magdal
Morwen - Virgo
Morwenna - Virgo
Morgan - sea circle
Mabley is attractive
Mayr - beloved
Mali is a favorite
Merven's favorite fair

Neris is a lady
Nest - chaste, holy
Nesta - chaste, holy
Nimu - memory
Nya - beauty, brightness

Olwen - the trail of the saint
Alwyn - saint's footprint
Alwynn - saint's footprint

Padero - beads, rosary

Riennon is the great queen
Rhien - Virgo
Rhyenwen - pretty maiden
Rhiennon - the great queen
Rhienon - the great queen
Rhienu - Maiden
Rhozin - rose
Rhonwen - Holy Spear
Rhamantus - romantic

Syoned - good god
Seren is a star
Xi'an is a good god
Siinven - beautiful and fair, holy, white
Siri - to love
Siridwen is a fair poet
Siris - love
Sirridwin is a fair poet
Ziuon is a good god
Siena is a good god
Siani is a good god

Tarren - from the mound
Tegven - blessed, saint
Tegen is fair
Terrwin - brave and honest
Tivlip - tulip
Talate - crown

Ffayon - grapevine
Ffreid - Exalted

Heledd - mouth
Heulven - light
Heulog - solar
Hefina - summer
Hiledd Estuary
Habren Severn (river in England)
Hef - summer
Hefren - Severn, named after a river in england

Eerwen - golden and fair, holy, white
Eigir - meaning unknown
Eigr - meaning unknown
Eilwen - Fairly Serving
Eilien - secondly, during
Eiluned is the idol depicted
Eira - snow
Eirwen - white snow
Eirien - bright, beautiful
Eirlis - snowflake
Helen - torch, moon or secretly escape
Eleri - more than full, crowded
Alice is a noble kind
Elian - secondly, during
Eluned is the idol depicted
Elaine - deer
Emlyn - work
Enide - purity or soul
Enid - purity or soul
Enit - purity or soul
Enfys - rainbow
Esyllt - fair aspect
Efa - alive, living

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