The scariest water slides

The scariest water slides

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In the water park, even adults pay attention to the large slides. After all, people for their amusement have built real monsters that can scare even an avid lover of water recreation.

Wiegand Maelzer Slide Tower, Area47, Tyrol, Austria. Typically, Tyrol attracts fans of extreme in winter. Indeed, during the ski season, you can ride with the breeze. But even in the summer you can have a good rest here. The unique Area47 water park offers a dizzying descent. Having risen to a height of 30 meters, everyone can decide on the spot which of the five slides to slide down. The most dangerous of them is a 100-meter gutter, twisted in a spiral. The most desperate can decide to slide down a special 30-meter slope on a special board resembling a snowboard. Only at the end of the track the extreme will have a surprise in the form of a springboard.

Divertical, Mirabilandia, Ravenna, Italy. An interesting hybrid of water and roller coasters has recently appeared in this Italian amusement park. The construction of the slide was completed in 2012 at a cost of $ 26 million. A dozen people climb up on a trailer. At the same time, the height is about 60 meters, it should be noted that this is the largest such attraction in the world. The wagon begins to rush rapidly down the rails along a bizarrely curved path. As a result, under the screams of excited people, the transport flies into the pools. A sea of ​​spray immediately rises upward, crashing down on passengers. The dive takes place at an angle of 45 degrees at a speed of 65 km / h.

Toboggan, Città del Mare Hotel Village, Palermo, Italy. In the picturesque place of the island of Sicily, there are 11 steep descents into the water at once. Interestingly, not all paths end with the pool, some throw people directly into the Mediterranean Sea. Only at such a high speed it will not be possible to admire the sea views of the Gulf of Castellammare, but this can be done later, relaxing on a sun lounger by the pool.

The Leap of Faith, Aquaventure, Dubai, UAE. This huge water park is located on the island of the "little palm" in Dubai. In this entertainment center, you can swim with dolphins, ride an inflatable torus on the "lazy" river, and then just lie on the excellent sandy beach. But many come here because of the ziggurat. Climbing this tower, you are invited to choose your entertainment according to the level of courage. You can ride through a transparent underwater tunnel, which runs right among the kingdom of sharks swimming here, or you can make the "Leap of Faith" - down a vertical chute from a height of 30 meters. There is a similar water park in the Bahamas. There, in 2008, a real reef shark broke into the pool. It is good that the attraction was closed for visitors at this time. And the unfortunate creature could not bear the chlorinated water and died.

RideHouse, Happy Magic Water Cube Waterpark, Beijing, China. The Chinese managed to radically modify the usual swimming pool. After the end of the Olympics, it was rebuilt, creating the largest water park in Asia. The design is amazing - there are valves, and water cannons, jellyfish, nets ... Visitors will not be bored - you can ride from a seven-story slide, swim in a pool with waves, soak up a jacuzzi with deep-sea tornadoes. But the most interesting entertainment here is the Ridehouse. This structure has combined as many as 12 slides. At the same time, while some daredevils rush through the curved labyrinths, a huge cube of water pours out on others standing in line every 2 minutes.

Behemoth Bowl, Chimelong Water Park, Guangzhou, China. Few people dare to ride a hippo slide at Chimelong Water Park. Rare daredevils are seated on a small inflatable raft. It accelerates through a semi-transparent one-hundred-meter tunnel to a speed of 10 meters per second. Then the structure flies into a large bowl and, spinning around in it, falls into the drain hole in the middle. And only then through the gutter people enter the pool. At the same time, the system of accurate passage of the raft along the path set by the engineers has even received a patent, which guarantees safety.

Insano, Beach Park, Aquiras, Brazil. Even though this 40-meter slide is not the highest in the world, people here in the Brazilian resort can fly almost perpendicular to the ground for about 5 seconds. Insano is quite simple construction - it's the only slope, it's just quite steep. The moments of traveling along the sheer gutter from the height of the 14-storey building will certainly be remembered for a lifetime. Indeed, in a short time, a person will accelerate to a speed of 100 km / h, and you can already understand what exactly happened when you are in the pool. Although the slide is not the highest in the world, 788 thousand people came to ride it or just admire the high-speed races in 2011.

Mount Gushmore's Summit Plummet, Blizzard Beach at Walt Disney World, Orlando, USA. It is strange to see snow in hot summer. But the first thing that catches your eye in this amusement park is precisely the 30-meter snow-covered mountain. At its top there is a small wooden house. From here you can slide down the chute, and at the end of the path there will be a small springboard. Having jumped on it, you can feel the chilling horror of free fall from a height of 36 meters and at a speed of 100 km / h. Disney Park Scenic Hill is the most photographed artificial mountain in the world.

King Cobra, Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Jackson, USA. The name of the king cobra was given to this hill for a reason. It is the longest snake on the planet. Inside a 78-meter slide, painted with red, black and orange stripes, you can accelerate along the pipe to a speed of 50 km / h. At the same time, a lover of such entertainment will have to overcome unexpected turns and sharp dizzying descents. The attraction appeared in 2012, but has already become a sensation. Today this water slide is one of the scariest in the world.

AquaDuck, Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy cruise ships. The creators of these cruise ships have tried to create real water parks on them. That is why the AquaDuck attraction turned out to be unique, and you should also take into account its size. While the ship is sailing the oceans, any passenger can pass the time by traveling on a two-seater inflatable raft through a transparent acrylic tube. The start is from the stern on the 12th deck, then the route runs right outside the ship at a height of 45 meters above the water level.

Wild Vortex, Wielderness at the Smokies, USA. At this water park, most of the rides are hidden under a large roof, allowing you to enjoy the thrill all year round. However, adrenaline lovers choose the Wild Vortex slide located in the open air. Its height is 20 meters, and it opened in June 2012. The entire ride only lasts 7 seconds, however, don't underestimate this attraction. Sharp vertical climbs and loops give a sense of gravity, riders experience overload up to 2.5G. In addition, the slide promises a surprise - at the start, the hatch under the person suddenly opens and the first 12 meters of the track pass in a state of free fall.

Cliffanger, Schlitterbahn, Galveston, USA. This amusement park opened in 2007. The mountain climber became the tallest of all four similar American institutions. Here, too, the beginning of the path begins with an almost vertical fall down. People fly into the water at a speed of 35 miles per hour in just 25 meters. It should be noted that this slide is open, so that extreme lovers can see how quickly the world around them rushes before their eyes.

Mammoth, Holiday World and Splashin 'Safari, Santa Claus, USA. This waterslide cost $ 5.5 million. For its work, a special asynchronous linear motor is used. From the 7-storey Mammoth slide, the water park itself began to expand. The trip itself on a raft along a large pipe will cover an area of ​​1.2 hectares, which is a record. 6 passengers rush along a 3.5 meter wide chute. Moreover, the width of the raft is about 2.5 meters. He constantly spins on the water, so that any team member can face anywhere. The path goes through several dark tunnels. The height of the hill is 21 meters, and the total length of the path is 1763 meters. The total travel time is about 3 minutes.

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