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Meaning of the name

Valery translated from Latin means "strong", "strong".


A big, good and even dignified name. Its sound is like a wave rushing and a stream of electrical energy that captures with its influence. It is filled with the energy of love of life and carries a positive attitude and faith in victory.

In childhood, he is restless, from early childhood he gives parents a lot of excitement. Valery loves outdoor games, runs with pleasure, climbs trees. For a thrill, he can cross the road in front of a nearby car, at night go to some remote place in the hope of meeting a ghost there.

She studies well, but does not differ in diligence. Loves noisy games, hide and seek, running. Already in childhood, I do not mind testing myself in extreme situations. He belongs to those boys who, on a bet, can go to the forest or to the cemetery at night. Likes to read books about adventures, early discovers an interest in science fiction literature. Father's favorite.

He treats the mother condescendingly, listens to her advice and instructions with half an ear, although he does not enter into disputes with her. The adult Valery is persistent, trying to acquire a specialty that would make it possible not only to provide for his family, but also to see the world. Valery has a strong psyche, he does not experience complexes in communicating with people, he easily makes new acquaintances.

He goes in for sports, prefers boxing, and can be a frequent and successful visitor to the hippodrome. He loves to tinker in the ground and will definitely try to cultivate at least a small plot of it near his house, even if this house is a high-rise one. In extreme cases, he will plant greenery on the balcony.

Scrupulous in choosing a future wife. She is looking for a spiritually rich woman, appreciates neatness and cleanliness, so she does not marry for a long time. The girls he meets often break up with him without waiting for an offer. But in vain! In marriage, Valery is a convinced one-man.

Valery's affection for his wife takes on a purely physiological character, when he simply is not able to change her, but the desire to change never leaves him. Some presumptuous wives, sensing this, allow themselves to dismiss their husbands. The proud Valery may not forgive this.

Homebodies. They are touchingly related to newborns. They go shopping with pleasure. They drink in moderation. Those born in winter have a more complex temperament than the "summer" ones, they are despotic and cheekbones.


Valery is scrupulous in choosing a woman. Often, having failed in first love, he begins to "blow on the water", becomes indecisive, fearing a repetition of an unpleasant situation. Possessing excellent intuition and well versed in female psychology, he does everything possible to protect himself from a wrong step, so he will not marry for a long time.

But Valery loves women and is always in the mood for a tender relationship with them. Sees sex as a stimulus to life that helps him gain self-confidence. He appreciates a good, slender figure in a woman, especially his beautiful breasts arouses.

Valery does not feel a great need for love foreplay, but he is ready to caress a woman, gradually lighting the fire of passion in her. He has good artistic abilities and can, if necessary, play the role of an ardent lover perfectly. Sometimes he just feels the need to relieve sexual tension, relax and come into contact with a woman to find spiritual comfort.

He does not attach much importance to external attributes, he does not need, like some other men, a cozy intimate setting, subdued light. It is more important for Valery that his girlfriend be relaxed and sexually experienced enough.

Valery is endowed with a good sense of humor, which often helps him out in difficult situations. He is very courteous with women, knows how to captivate them with eloquence, beautifully look after them. After parting, he can maintain friendly relations. He has a better chance of understanding with temperamental women, sophisticated in sex.

For Valery, the beautiful shape of her partner's breasts is of great importance. This is the first thing he pays attention to when he meets a woman. Such a Valery loves long sexual games, and his elastic breasts greatly arouse him.

Valery knows how to dispose his partner to long-term sex and gets great pleasure when she remains in an excited state throughout the night.

With an experienced woman, Valery can spend several days and nights in bed, not knowing fatigue and not thinking about the time. At the same time, he requires more and more new postures, various ways of satisfaction, which are still unknown to him.

Each new sexual intercourse begins with a love foreplay, and Valery's greatest success is her partner's numerous orgasms.

Valery's family life is often complicated by sexual disharmony with his wife. Acutely experiencing this circumstance, he nevertheless does not dare to divorce.

In marriage, he is difficult, intractable, stubborn. He is honest and fair in family relationships. He is not indifferent to sex until old age. He does not always find a spouse who completely satisfies him in an intimate relationship, but he will not cheat on her, so as not to create unnecessary problems, he is going through in silence. Girls are usually born.



A rock


Zodiac sign



The sound of the name Valery gives the impression of something majestic, loud, cheerful, active, bright, joyful.

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