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Meaning of the name

Ustina translated from Latin means "fair".


Little Ustina outwardly is an exact copy of her father, but her character is all her mother. She is very stubborn, persistent and contradictory, sometimes she herself does not know what she wants. She studies well at school, but often misses classes, as she easily catches a cold, suffers from respiratory diseases.

Ustina is very musical, sings beautifully, loves to play sports (especially when she was born in winter). Despite her outward softness and pliability, it can be very difficult to wean her from a bad habit. Therefore, there is no need to get angry, just Ustina's parents should make sure that these bad habits do not appear in her.

The adult Ustina is ambitious, but fair and self-critical. She is easygoing, does not provoke conflicts either at home or at work. She is serious and reasonable, although sometimes she acts under the influence of a sudden impulse. Sometimes it is difficult for her to concentrate on one thing, it is difficult to make a certain decision.

She has a hot and quick-tempered character, a lively mind, she can instantly navigate the situation, is impatient in trifles, is not inclined to lengthy explanations, is able to quickly and correctly grasp the main thing.

Ustina has great willpower, excellent intuition and always achieves her plans. Can achieve success by choosing the profession of engineer, doctor, teacher, educator, programmer, accountant, artist, art critic.


Ustina in any company wants to be the best, the most important and makes a lot of efforts to this. She is beautiful, flirtatious, sweet and attractive. It is not surprising that such a woman has many fans.

Ustina dominates them, but for a long time does not agree to intimacy, she does not welcome promiscuous sexual intercourse, she will never throw herself on the neck of the first man she comes across, she will not meet with two partners at the same time.

Ustina will look closely at the fan for a long time, arrange a lot of tests of his feelings "for strength" before agreeing to intimacy. In bed, she dominates, but she is also attentive to her partner, does not suppress his motives and actions. Ustina is passionate and hot, not every man is able to satisfy her.

If Ustina meets an attentive and gentle partner who suits her temperament, then she will not part with him. A monogamous woman, having married, will not cheat on her spouse.

Ustina is a leader in the family, but she consults with her husband in all matters. She is a wonderful housewife, a loving mother (most often she has children of different sexes), she knows how to create comfort in the house, she is clean, she is extremely hospitable.



A rock

Lapis lazuli.

Zodiac sign



The sound of Ustin's name gives the impression of something simple, smooth, slow, slow, light.

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