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Meaning of the name

Ulyana translated from Latin means "happiness".


Little Ulyana is very curious and talented, she is easily carried away by everything, but her hobbies are extremely fickle. In addition, she is irritable, stubborn and willful, it is almost impossible to force her to do anything against her will.

The character of a woman born in winter is especially complex, which, both externally and in character, is an exact copy of her father. In school, she does well in general, but she may have problems with academic performance in the exact sciences. But everything related to art Ulya absorbs like a sponge.

Ulyana is an excellent teacher, loves children and knows how to play with them, therefore she will gladly take patronage over the pupils of the elementary grades. She has many friends in the class, although her indecision and fearfulness often becomes a hindrance to gaining authority among classmates.

Adult Ulyana is very open, easy to communicate, no matter what position in society she occupies. She understands jokes well and is herself able to amuse others with a funny story. A woman with this name is very sensitive, she goes through trouble deeply.

Ulyana is modest and delicate, she is unlikely to be able to point out to someone his shortcomings or dishonesty, and if he inadvertently offends, she will execute herself for a long time, ask for forgiveness a hundred times and try to rectify the situation.

Ulyana is very punctual, collected, adheres to strict rules. Never hides behind the backs of others. She is kind and sympathetic, protects the offended with all her might, fights for justice. In relationships with colleagues, she is decent and honest, but rarely really gets attached to anyone.

Ulyana is an excellent worker, but she is unlikely to "make his way upward" through the career ladder, therefore she rarely holds leading positions. This state of affairs is unlikely to upset her, Ulyana is not self-critical.

Most often, Ulyana chooses a profession related to any field of art: a singer, an actress, a poetess, but she can also become a designer, an accountant, and in some cases devote her life to serving God.


At first glance, Ulyana gives the impression of an open, sociable woman who is in full view. But this impression dissipates as soon as you get to know this lovely woman better. She has some kind of mystery that makes up a large part of her appeal.

Outwardly calm and balanced, she harbors a whole sea of ​​feelings and an ocean of passion. A creative nature with an innate talent for an actress and a director, Ulyana is able to turn intimacy into a real mystery, and this action will remain in the memory of a man forever.

In sex, she takes a leading position, shows inexhaustible imagination, there are no prohibitions and restrictions for her in love games. Burning up with passion, she is able to ignite with it even an inexperienced or not particularly passionate man, to give him a lot of unforgettable erotic sensations.

Having married, Ulyana immediately takes a leading position. If the husband does not put up with this, scandals are inevitable, since a woman with this name will not tolerate dependence. That is why she most often does not get along with her mother-in-law. Ulyana sacredly honors the bonds of marriage, does not cheat on her husband, and if she receives undeniable evidence of her husband's infidelity, she will most likely file for divorce.

Ulyana is extremely hospitable, cooks well, devotes a lot of time to raising children. Most often, her sons are born, especially in the second marriage. In her free time, Ulyana is engaged in design, knitting, sewing. Loves to travel, collects souvenirs and cute trinkets.


Dark yellow, orange, deep red, black.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Leo, Scorpio.


The sound of the name Ulyan gives the impression of something brave, big, good, simple, loud, smooth, slow, slow, long, light, round.

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