The scariest cars

The scariest cars

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The car has long ceased to be just a means of transportation. Nowadays, a person gives him enough of his attention, perceiving it as a confirmation of status, a design object, a means of self-expression, and even an attitude.

A rare example of cars succeeds as a style icon, but it is quite easy to get into the rating of the ugliest, which is confirmed by the list compiled by the British Daily Telegraph. As a result, people often do not admire cars, but simply laugh at their forms.

Readers of the aforementioned British newspaper were able to identify as many as 100 of the ugliest cars in history. In total, about 300 different models were mentioned.

The global rating does not pretend to be absolutely fair, especially since the Russians would certainly want to add to it something from the creations of the domestic auto industry. The main thing that the British were guided by was that the car had to be different from others or have some unusual detail. It is so characteristic of a conservative nation to ridicule everything that is unique.

Audi Q7. The problem is that in Britain it will be difficult to find a place to park such a huge car. Sometimes it seems that its main purpose is to keep another car in its trunk. However, the Russians cannot understand the finicky Englishmen, because we still have "Size matters". The full-size SUV, meanwhile, is designed for driving on asphalt.

Triumph TR7. The British are skeptical about their own cars from the 70s and 80s. The most awkward of these is the Triumph TR7, built from 1974 to 1981. Outwardly, this is the most ordinary sports car, only the stamping on the sidewall is unusual in appearance. While this is common on modern models, Triumph clearly doesn't need it.

Morris Ital. And the British have a personal dislike for this model of domestic industry. For most, there is nothing special in the sedan, which is usual for its time. It seems to us that there is simply nothing to love or hate this ordinary car. The British have their own opinion, especially since the car is just a modified version of its predecessor, Morris Marina. The car was produced from 1980 to 1984, but found its rebirth in China in 1998-1999.

Ford Ka. The first impression is a hamster on wheels. In the Russian outback, such a design may seem "space". So great is the difference with the native "Zhiguli". For our citizens, it is rather not a hamster, but some kind of flying saucer. This first serious representative of small cars, nevertheless, can accommodate 4 people. The first generation lasted for 12 years.

BMW 1-series. Although this modern family hatchback has excellent handling, the manufacturer really could not work with the design. As a result, we got the first, perhaps, BMW, which all women like and makes men turn their noses at it. The design is completely devoid of aggression, which is surprising for fans of the brand.

Chrysler PT Cruiser. The final list of 300 cars included several samples from the 30s, which received votes for absurdity. This car is not at all an old model, but as if a parody of it. However, an awkward parody can be an example of a great revival. As a result, there are a lot of fan clubs in the United States of this car, which tries to beat old proportions and details in a modern style. Initially, the car was supposed to be produced by Plymouth, the abbreviation PT itself echoes the line of this manufacturer of the 30s.

Austin Princess / Ambassador. There is no sensible explanation of why the British suddenly ceased to like Austin. Perhaps the reason lies in the inexplicable renaming of the car - a slight change in the front part changed the "Princess" to "Ambassador".

Hummer. Not everyone thinks that a car on 20-inch wheels looks stylish. The British Daily Telegraph believes that such a car would look perfect either in the desert, its original habitat, or even under pressure. However, the work of designers should be recognized within the framework of the task set by them. In any case, they did not put the car on huge wheels with low-profile tires - it would have been completely without a sense of proportion and taste. Alteration of the army all-terrain vehicle for a civilian model was relatively successful. Also, the Hummer was under constant fire for its environmental friendliness and high fuel consumption. In 2010, General Motors announced the beginning of the liquidation of the famous brand.

Ford Scorpio. The super popular Ford Scorpio of the 1985 model line was replaced by the original, as it seems, European continuation of the series. However, the originality quickly became boring and buyers turned their attention to other machines, which led to the removal of the machine from production forever. Europeans did not like the radical design of a car of this class - a dragonfly look with elongated oval front headlights. This brutal lesson taught all car companies a simple rule: when changing generations in a well-selling model, design changes should be minimized. After all, progress in automotive design has long stopped, cars have become very similar to each other. And the crazy designers are coming only in concept cars.

AMC Pacer. In the 70s, the oil crisis broke out, the brainchild of which became "AMC Pacer". People demanded small, economical cars, and the Americans simply did not know how to make them. As a result, it took almost 50 years of training on 5 and 6 meter curators to finally confuse the designers. As a result, the length was reduced by 2 times, but the width remained the same. The British openly laugh at such a model, wondering who those 280 thousand lucky ones who acquired the AMC Pacer for the period 1975-1980 are. Even though the idea was not bad for that time, its design implementation is rather strange. The design turned out to be "square" and "boxed".

Porsche Cayenne. The presence in this rating of this car, produced since 2002, will greatly surprise the Russian rich. However, the Cayenne was awarded for the absurdity of its entire ideology. Yes, this high-speed SUV can successfully solve problems ... But do they exist? Off-road, over mountains and forests, this car will still not be able to rush at a speed of 200 km / h. However, if the British are afraid to drive at such a speed around the city, fearing cameras, in our country there is no such problem for Cayenne owners.

Austin Allegro / Vanden Plas. In this case, you can take the British at their word - after all, this is their own ugly car. Ardent adherents of the monarchy were horrified when they saw this symbiosis of a compact, cheap body with a huge grille of His Majesty Rolls-Royce. Meanwhile, the idea was to create a small family car. The model was produced from 1973 to 1983.

SsangYong Rodius. The British pay tribute to the original design of the Korean creation. Here, according to the designers, analogies with a luxury yacht should inevitably arise, but the British believe that this approach did not work. Indeed, for a spacious cabin (from 7 to 9 people in capacity), it was possible to choose a body with more proportional details.

FIAT Multipla. This car is familiar to the British firsthand. After all, its first generation was sold just in the UK. Among the monotonous gathering of gray hoods, the many-eyed muzzle of the alien species stands out sharply. We can say thank you to this car at least for the fact that it dilutes the monotonous landscapes outside the window. And the passengers will be grateful - the side windows here stand vertically and the proportions of the body do not differ much from the box. This gives a feeling of spaciousness inside the car. The middle seats in both rows can be folded into comfortable tables, as a result, four people can feel like guests of a one-room apartment. The Multipla is ideal for working in a taxi - in addition, it can accommodate 3 people at a time. But it was not possible to combine internal convenience with the design. In 2004 the controversial design was changed to a more traditional one.

Pontiac Aztek. The leader of the rating, the ugliest car of all times and peoples, the British called the mid-size crossover from General Motors. Curiously, the choice was made largely not on personal perception, but on the basis of photographs - after all, these cars are extremely rare outside America. They were produced from 2001 to 2005 with a 3.4-liter V6 engine. Even in Moscow one specimen appeared, standing out from the general stream by its dissimilarity to others. This is what led to getting on the list. Designers tried to create "the most versatile car on the planet", where all forms would be repaired with some useful function. For example, an open trunk could easily be turned into a huge tent, in which the car itself becomes part of a tourist shelter.

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