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Meaning of the name

Susanna in translation from Hebrew means "lily", "white lily".


Little Susanna is independent, endowed with many abilities, has a stubborn, obstinate character, which she inherited from her father. And outwardly, Susanna is an exact copy of the pope. She is sensitive, easily injured, does not get along well with strangers and it is very difficult for her to endure a break with friends.

At school, she studies well, loves to read, plays music, dances, is flexible and mobile. She sings beautifully, and if her parents notice her talents in time and give them the opportunity to develop them, she can achieve success on stage as a singer, musician, actress or dancer.

Adult Susanna is cheerful, complacent, somewhat sentimental. She is gullible, but if they treat her dishonestly, she knows how to be merciless, she will take revenge, she can wait for a favorable moment for several years.

"Spring" Susanna is irritable and taciturn, can not always stand up for herself, when she achieves what she wants, she does not make enough efforts, therefore, in her endeavors she often fails, despite her well-developed intellect and amazing ability to work.

Susanna is a real workaholic, prudent and reasonable, does not commit rash acts, especially if she was born in the fall. She quickly moves up the career ladder if she manages to curb her stubbornness and obstinacy (most of all, the above applies to women born in winter with this name).

Most often, Susanna chooses a profession that is completely inconsistent with the education and inclinations received.


Susanna is attractive and artistic, sensitive and emotional. Her personal life for those around her is a secret that neither relatives nor even her closest friends are privy to. Susanna will never discuss the merits and demerits of her chosen one, she will also shy away from talking with her friends about sex.

Susanna is very sexy, but in fact she has a more than calm temperament, she never takes the initiative in bed, love games are of little importance to her. She will not suit a man who is looking for a passionate and active partner in a woman, because in sex she is passive and cold, and sometimes frigid.

Most often, Susanna (especially "spring") is unlucky in her first marriage, although, before getting married, she manages to study her chosen one well.

The most difficult is family life for Susanna, born in winter, because of her stubborn and obstinate disposition. She cannot yield to her husband in anything, and this gives rise to many problems in their relationship. She doesn't get along with her mother-in-law.

If Susanna was born in the fall, she manifests herself as an economical housewife, capable of creating a cozy atmosphere of peace and quiet in the house. She is tactful, flexibly adapts to any conditions, and treats her husband's parents well.

Susanna is a homebody and sweet tooth, loves to soak up her bed in the morning, her house is always in perfect order, and in the kitchen she simply has no equal.


Light yellow.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Gemini, Aries, Leo, Libra.


The word Susanna gives the impression of something good, beautiful, simple, smooth, round, active, bright, joyful.

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