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Meaning of the name

Semyon translated from Hebrew means "heard by God in prayer."


Semyon inherits from his mother appearance, some character traits, gentleness, kindness. Semyon is a good friend, always ready to help in word and deed. Semyon is talented, gifted, has willpower.

Semyon always succeeds in life. He is very responsible in his choice of profession. Semyon is hardworking, takes his work very seriously, you can rely on Semyon.

Semyon can work as an engineer, doctor, musician, administrator, manager. Semyon takes on any business, be it serious work, or "small things".

Semyon is attentive, does not forget a single date, always congratulates the hero of the occasion, loves to give gifts. Semyon is an exemplary husband. With him, his wife will be like a stone wall, in a good way.

Semyon is an economic, "homely" one, he is better oriented in the financial and economic situation of his family than his half. Always replenishes stocks on time, economical. The wife cannot get enough of him. Semyon loves children very much; as a rule, Semyon has two of them.


Semyon loves sex. For him, good sex is the fullness and joy of life. If a woman does not suit Semyon sexually, he is unhappy.

Semyon loves beautiful and experienced women. Taking pleasure himself, he seeks to give pleasure to his partner. Semyon is the perfect lover.

Semyon should feel loved and desired. In this case, he is gentle and caring. Semyon accumulates sexual experience, comprehends the peculiarities of female psychology. Therefore, he builds his marital relationship with his wife correctly.

Beloved Semyon is happy with him, but she, usually, does not give her husband affection and tenderness, carried away by the role of mistress and mother. Semyon rarely gets divorced, he considers divorce to be the last thing.


Gray green.

A rock


Zodiac sign

Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Aquarius, Scorpio, Pisces.


The sound of the name Semyon gives the impression of something light, tender, dull.

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