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Meaning of the name

Sarah translated from Hebrew means "ancestor", "mother of many people", "noble".


Little Sarah is kind, vulnerable, sociable and sympathetic, but does not like to be imposed on her. She inherited her character and abilities from her mother. She is mobile and flexible, has a good ear for music.

Outwardly, Sarah looks more like her father and is very attached to him. She studies well, but she is somewhat restless, and this is an obstacle in the development of some disciplines.

The character and attitude of an adult Sarah is greatly influenced by the time of her birth. For example, a woman born in winter with this name is wayward, hot-tempered and overly impressionable. In the heat of anger, he loses control of himself.

Sarah has a strong will and will not allow anyone to impose their conditions on her or dictate a line of behavior. In addition, she has a developed intelligence, witty, ironic.

He moves up the career ladder stubbornly and persistently, step by step, and will not rest until he reaches a leading position. Loves to communicate by phone. She is extremely hospitable, but does not like to wash dishes.

Sarah, who was born in the fall, is never in a hurry, is extremely circumspect, wise, has a well-developed intuition. She is very careful in assessing people, sometimes it seems that she herself does not know what she wants, therefore it is very difficult to please her.

Born in the summer - the owner of a kind, gentle character. She is overly compliant and kind-hearted, therefore she is the most unlucky. She marries, although for love, but, alas, unsuccessfully. She is tolerant of backbiting, therefore she feels comfortable in any team.

Sarah most often prefers a creative profession: singer, artist, musician, but she can also become an accountant, cook or teacher. backbiting.


Sarah is extremely sociable, beautiful, charming, dresses tastefully, witty, it is not surprising that she has many fans. But many of them cannot understand why this woman responds to all their signs of attention so calmly and coldly, giving no hope for further development of the relationship. The fact is that Sarah is very restrained in showing tender feelings, perhaps even overly restrained.

Too strong will does not allow passions and emotions to break through, therefore only a very stubborn and persistent man, moreover, gentle and attentive, will achieve intimacy with this woman.

Sarah is as reserved in bed as she is when dealing with fans. It is difficult to satisfy her, since most often she herself does not know what she wants. Not too sophisticated in love games, she prefers, however, an active position, and since she herself cannot decide on the scenario of a love game, and she is unlikely to allow a man to lead herself, she does not always enjoy intimacy.

Subconsciously, she strives for experienced men in sex, with a strong will, capable of "conquering" a partner, but deliberately does not tolerate any submission to anyone. This creates an internal conflict that prevents Sarah from fully enjoying the intimacy with her chosen partner.



A rock


Zodiac sign

Aries, Leo, Libra.


The sound of the name Sarah gives the impression of something courageous, evil.

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